Implementation of Joint Program University of Bath and Nankai program

Introduction to Bath University

The University of Bath was founded in 1966, located in Bath, east of Avon, England (the only city listed as a World Heritage Site in UK, known as the most beautiful and elegant cities in UK). It is a top research-oriented university in the UK, and its research strength has been rated as the world leader. In 2021, The Guardian ranked 6th and 4th in the UK (in 2003 and 2015 respectively). Because of its good reputation in Europe and the world's leading teaching quality and scientific research achievements, bath university has repeatedly become the top ten British public research universities in the UK.

The current president of Bath University is Prince Edward, with 15964 students. The campus covers an area of 200 acres, with year-round libraries and first-class sports facilities in UK, and a wide variety of high-quality scientific research equipment. The campus library has 300000 monographs, 105000 bound magazines, more than 13000 electronic books and periodicals, 11000 subscribed journals and a research database. There are four colleges in Bath University: the school of Engineering and Design, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Science and School of Management. 

Introduction to cooperation agreement 

The University of Bath (“Bath”) and Nankai University (“NKU”) agree that the following additional collaborative activities come under the Memorandum of Understanding signed by them on 11 May 2021.

This Progression Agreement refers specifically to further collaboration in the form of a set of agreements: a 4+1 and a 1+1+1 between the University of Bath (Bath) and the College of Artificial Intelligence (NKU) at postgraduate level. It is hoped that there may be further collaboration with other academic departments, the details of which will be the subject of separate inter-institutional agreements. 

Note on terminology:

For the specific purpose of this agreement the following terms are defined below:

· ‘4+1’ is defined as a NKU graduate taking a one year, taught post-graduate programme (MSc or MRes) with the postgraduate degree awarded byBath. 

·  ‘1+1+1’ is defined as a 2nd year NKU postgraduate taking a one year, full-time taught postgraduate programme (MSc or MRes) at Bath in addition to the second year of the NKU MSc degree. The MSc/MRes is to be awarded by Bath and the NKU MSc to be awarded by NKUrespectively. 

1.  Signatories

The signatory for the University of Bath is Professor Jeremy Bradshaw, Pro Vice Chancellor (International and Doctoral), who has the authority to act on behalf of Bath regarding this Agreement. The signatory for NKU is Professor Xin ZHAO, Dean of College of Artificial Intelligence, who has the authority to act on behalf of NKU regarding this Agreement. 

2.  Objectives of theagreement

The objectives of the agreement are twofold:

·  To encourage suitably qualified graduates of NKU to apply for admission to appropriate postgraduate degrees at Bath including MSc and MResprogrammes.

·  To use the above as a platform to explore research co-operation between theinstitutions.

3.  TheCollaboration

·   Postgraduate ArrangementsOverview

Bath will consider applications from NKU students who are encouraged to apply for a one year taught full-time MSc/MRes programme. Programmes currently offered at Bath are:

o   MSc Automotive Engineering with ElectricPropulsion

o   MSc Human ComputerInteraction

o   MSc Machine Learning and AutonomousSystems

o   MSc Robotics and AutonomousSystems

Each MSc/MRes programme has a specific Programme Specification and description and these are available on the University of Bath website (

Students who successfully complete these programmes will be awarded the relevant University of Bath Master’s degree.

·  EntryRequirements:

o   A first degree from NKU or an equivalent institution accepted by the University of Bath for entry onto the Masterscourses

o   An overall IELTS score of 6.5 with not less than 6.0 in each of the 4 component parts of the test orequivalent

· ApplicationProcess

NKU students are required to complete the Bath application form for applying to the Masters course at Bath.

Suitable applicants who have not yet achieved the relevant degree scores or IELTS score may receive a conditional offer letter. Students will be issued with an unconditional offer letter of admission when all requirements are satisfied.

Applicants will be advised in writing of any discounted tuition fees for a Bath Master’s degree which will be referred to as the ‘University of Bath/NKU Scholarship’.

All prospective international students coming to study in the UK for a course lasting more than 6 months (including those from the EU, EEA (except Ireland) and Switzerland who have not secured other immigration status on or after 1 January 2021) will need to apply for a Student visa and receive a decision, before they arrive. For more details see

4.  FinancialArrangements

Neither party may incur, commit or authorise financial expenditure on behalf of the other. Each party will be responsible for its own costs associated with any activities relating to this agreement.

The tuition fees per student will be based on the University of Bath’s international tuition fees, for the programme applied for, as stated on the University of Bath website. NKU students will receive a 10% discount on the MSc/MRes tuition fee.

5.  Marketing

Both parties agree that joint efforts will be made in promoting the programme.

Each institution agrees that the use of the other Institution’s title and logo in any publicity or promotional material should be approved by the other Institution in advance. Each institution shall be responsible for ensuring that appropriate contact details are provided to facilitate this approval process.

6.  Management of theArrangements

A Programme Management Committee will be established to manage the development and operation of the arrangement and, in particular, to continually monitor the quality of the students’ academic, linguistic and living experience and progress.

Each party will designate a Programme Co-ordinator to be the formal point of contact between the two parties and provide a prompt response to all communications. The language of communication will be of necessity English and all communication will be copied or reported to the Programme Management Committee. All NKU students will be allocated a personal tutor for the period of their studies at Bath.

7.  Responsibilities of theParties

Responsibilities of Bath

· Bath will support the promotion of the programme with NKU and will designate a member of staff to liaise with NKU regarding associated matters in promoting the programme. The contact for this agreement at the University 

· Bath will endeavour to give equal and transparent consideration to all applicants according to the entry requirements. The decision on the acceptance of nominated students will lie with Bath (who for the avoidance of doubt retains the right to accept or reject any proposed students) who shall make final selection and shall notify successful candidates and NKU within a reasonableperiod. 

· Bath will make its facilities available to registered NKU students on the same basis as for otherstudents.Tuition fees are payable at the commencement of study (less any fee reduction being applied). It is possible to pay degree programme fees in two equal instalments, with 50% due prior to the commencement of study. It is a condition of registration that the schedule of payment of any fees due to Bath are followed by thestudent.

· Bath will provide transcripts to NKU for degree award purposes. Responsibilities ofNKU

· NKU will market the programme to appropriate candidates and assist participating NKUstudents in their applications to Bath

· NKU will provide to Bath a full account of each applicant’s academic record inEnglish

· NKU will notify Bath of any significant curriculum changes Responsibilities of NKUstudents

NKU students will be responsible for the following in line with other students registered at Bath:

·  Payment offees

·  Incidental expenses as may be required by the study programme atBath

·  Accommodation and general livingexpenses 

·  MedicalInsurance 

·  Personal Property and TravelInsurance 

·  Textbooks, clothing and other personalexpenses 

·  Passports and visacosts 

·  All other debts incurred during the course of theyear

8.  Copyright

The copyright in all teaching materials provided by Bath to students and academic colleagues at NKU will be held in line with Bath’s policies and practice. NKU will not copy, adapt or use such copyright materials for any purpose other than in support of the programme and the exchange of academic scholarship and will ensure that students do not copy, adapt or use such materials except for the purpose of studying the programme at Bath.


Both institutions agree that they will ensure that all student records and personal data relating to NKU students are held securely and confidentially and to further ensure that no such data are used or disclosed for any purposes other than so far as is necessary in connection with the administration of the collaborative arrangements. Both institutions agree to comply with all relevant data protection laws applicable to the exchange of personal data between them. 

9. Third partyrights 

This Agreement is made solely and specifically between the two Institutions for their sole benefit. This Agreement is not intended to be for the benefit of and shall not be enforceable by any other person whether under the Contracts (Right of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise. 

10.  Terms ofAgreement 

The term of this Progression Agreement shall remain in place for the lesser of 5 years or for as long as the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Bath and NKU remains in force, except insofar as the terms may be varied by written consent of both parties. In the event of termination of the MOU, this Progression Agreement shall also terminate at the same time provided however that the activities in course relating to students completing the programme(s) at the time shall be completed before such termination becomes effective.                                                       

 This Agreement has been signed as an English-language and a mandarin version. Both texts are authentic and equally authoritative in the event of a dispute. 

Educational system

Double master’s degree”: 1+1+1 project

1. Studying for the double master's degree of Nankai University and Bath University means that the first-year master's students currently studying at the school of artificial intelligence of Nankai University go to Bath University in the UK to study their master's courses in the second academic year or later, obtain the master's degree of Bath University in the UK as required, and then return to Nankai University to continue to complete all the contents specified in the training program, pass the thesis defense with qualified results. Those who meet the graduation requirements of the university shall be issued a graduation certificate by Nankai University. Those who meet the national and university degree awarding conditions shall be awarded the corresponding degree certificates (Note: the credits obtained at Bath University can be recognized and converted according to the Interim Measures of the Graduate School of Nankai University on Credit Recognition and Achievement Transformation of Postgraduate Courses in Overseas Universities).

 2. Basic requirements for registration 

1) Currently, who is a master student in the school of artificial intelligence of Nankai University; 

2) The average credit score of compulsory and special courses for undergraduates shall not be less than 80; 

3) English achievement requirements: IELTS 6.5 (no less than 6 in a single subject or equivalent)

 Single master’s degree”: 4 + 1 project (divided into two categories A and b) 

1. The single master’s degree” of Nankai University and Bath University in category A refers to those who have been included in the direct doctoral program of the school of artificial intelligence of Nankai University, go to Bath University in the UK for one year to study the master's course in the second academic year or any year after that, and obtain the master's degree certificate issued by bath university according to the requirements of the UK; After that, they return to Nankai University to continue to complete all the contents specified in the training program. If they pass the thesis defense and meet the graduation requirements of the University, Nankai University will issue a doctoral diploma. Those who meet the conditions for degree awarding by the state and the University shall be issued with corresponding degree certificates. (Note: the credits obtained at bath university can be recognized and converted according to the Interim Measures of the Graduate School of Nankai University on credit recognition and achievement conversion of postgraduate courses in overseas universities.) 

2. Basic requirements for registration: 

1) Master's promotion and exemption students (including master's degree and professional master's degree) who have been included in the direct doctoral program of artificial intelligence college or are willing to join the direct doctoral program; 

2) Hold a bachelor's degree from Nankai University or an equivalent institution recognized by Bath University; 

3) The average credit score of compulsory and special courses for undergraduates shall not be less than 80; 

4) English achievement requirements: IELTS 6.5 (no less than 6 in a single subject or equivalent) 

3. The single master’s degree” of Nankai University and Bath University in category B refers to the fresh undergraduate graduates of the school of artificial intelligence of Nankai University who are currently studying and are recommended to study for the master's degree of Bath University according to the principle of preferential admission. After completing the master's program and thesis of Bath University as required by the British side, he obtained the master's degree of Bath University. 

4. Basic requirements for registration: 

1) Fresh graduate of Artificial Intelligence College of Nankai University; 

2) The average credit score of compulsory and special courses for undergraduates shall not be less than 80; 

3) English achievement requirements: IELTS 6.5 (no less than 6 in a single subject or equivalent) 

Note: those who fail to meet the requirements of the same language level and IELTS can participate in the English training program of Bath University. For details, see: 

Enrollment, fees and scholarships 

1. Project training fee: students whose IELTS does not reach 6.5 can voluntarily choose language training and need to pay the training fee on time; 

2. Tuition of Bath University: the tuition standard in 2021 is 25000 pounds / year (slightly different from year to year for different majors, subject to the tuition amount on the final admission notice); 

3. Bath University provides 10% discount of tuition fees to the students enrolled in the project of Nankai University. 

4. Submission materials: Graduate Office of Artificial Intelligence College (Mr. Meng Jin, room 108, North Building of Artificial Intelligence College, Tel.: 022-23505863, email:  

5. The materials to be submitted during registration are as follows: 

1) Application form of Nankai University-Bath University joint training master program; 

2) Undergraduate transcript: one original of the average credit performance certificate and transcript of compulsory and special courses during the undergraduate period issued by the educational administration department of the University, with official seal; 

3) Undergraduate degree certificate and graduation certificate: undergraduate graduates must provide one copy of degree certificate and one copy of graduation certificate; Senior students should submit relevant copies after obtaining the degree certificate and graduation certificate; 

4) English achievement certificate: if you have obtained the corresponding achievement certificate, you must provide a copy of your transcript. 

Note: the college will give priority to providing considerable scholarships to direct doctoral students and transferred doctoral students who are willing to join this program, and retain their application qualifications for other scholarships of Nankai University and the college; Master students who return to Nankai University on schedule can participate in the selection of outstanding achievement scholarships of the college. Each student must sign a scholarship agreement and abide by the relevant provisions of the agreement. If the students participating in the project obtain the master's degree of Bath University on schedule, it will be an important indicator for the mid-term assessment of the college, and the specific matters will be grasped by each assessment team; If the student fails to obtain the degree on schedule, he / she will directly withdraw from the program and return to the original single degree plan of Nankai University for further study, and the overseas learning content will not be recognized; If there are special reasons, it is necessary to apply for extension with the consent of Nankai University and bath university one month in advance. The extension or language study time shall be extended in accordance with the regulations of Nankai University. The basic conditions for enrollment of each major shall be subject to the official website of Bath University: 

Operation schedule(Note: this operation schedule is tentative. In case of any change, please refer to the notice of the school) 

Consultation is accepted throughout the   year, and the registration time is subject to the notice of Bath University   in that year

Accept registration and consultation

Mail or phone

September of the year of registration -   June of the next year

Conduct preliminary qualification   examination


November of the year of registration

Hold a briefing on the project   application process

Waiting for college website notification

End of the year of registration - April   of the next year

Review student materials one by one and   organize online application

Mail or phone

June of the following year of   registration

Nankai University interview

Waiting for college website notification

June-July of the following year of   registration

Confirmation of admission results


August September of the following year of   registration

Visa, departure for Britain

University notification

Signed for and on behalf of                                            Signed for and on behalf of The University

Nankai University, the College of Artificial                 of Bath UK by:

Intelligence, P. R. China by:                                                                                                           




Name: ProfessorXinZHAO                                               Name:  ProfessorJeremyBradshaw

Position: Dean of College of Artificial                              Position: Pro Vice Chancellor

Intelligence                                                                                 (International and Doctoral)

   Date:                                                                                   Date: 11 May2021